Psychosexual Characteristics - Scorpio

Psychosexual Characteristics

Scorpio symbolizes sex.

This sign rules genitals. Do we need to say more? Their brain cells ruled by the aggressive look of Mars give men and women born under this sign a great sexual appetite. No moral restrictions here for Scorpios look on sex as an independent sphere of human relationship, and besides, sex helps them recover strength
Sometimes Scorpio is symbolizes by Phoenix, the mythical bird of fabulous beauty that, as the legend has it, lived for many thousand years in an Arabic desert. It was said to burn itself on a funeral fire, and then rouse from ashes, young and fresh, and lived for many years, and afterwards did the whole ritual over again. This is precisely the sexual cycle of Scorpios. They burn themselves away by active sexual life, which would weaken any other sign, and then, after their numerous experiences, they come out young and full of expectations.
Among all lovers in the entire zodiac Scorpios are particularly valued. They have certain experience, which helps not only to satisfy a desire, but also to please a partner.

Non-sexual Moves

Scorpio is considered to be one of the most opportunistic zodiac signs. However, some palls suggest, that Cancer, Virgo, and Sagittarius sometimes excel Scorpio in this respect.
Thus, when we speak about non-sexual moves Scorpios use to reach their goals, we mean that they want to get something with the help of sexual activity. Scorpios marry for money and even make sexual dates for business. They usually force themselves into marriage for money, but, at the same time, Scorpios are smart enough to choose a person with whom they are compatible mentally, for they understand the value of a strong mind.
Married Scorpios often have secret love affairs. Still, they hardly ever let these threaten stability of their married life. They can very well manage their love and family life and do it easily, with no obvious constraint.
Scorpios can get their partners involved in a sexual intercourse so cleverly and quietly, that they never realize how it happened until they lose control and get excited.

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